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Rules (Please, read)

I'm the unic founder forever.
I don't accept co-founders.
I'm the unic administrator here.
I select the contribuitors.
Contribuitors can post infinite arts at day.
Contribuitors can do a subject vote for a favorite art.
Contribuitors's arts are accepted at the same time.
Contribuitors can post journals with 1 vote.
Peoples who want to come members of here, can come at any time.
Members can put art on the gallery, BUT... With my permission.
Members can't do subjects for the favorites.
Members can't post journals at all.
Not-Group Peoples
Can't post arts
Can't post journals
Can post favourites arts, BUT... With 10 votes. I think this will not come, yeah?




Group Info

We accept all type of art!
The ""Pixelated" is just a reference to good art
Founded 2 Years ago
Jul 20, 2012


252 Members
265 Watchers
11,768 Pageviews
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Welcome to the First Ever Pixelated-masters Group Contest!


So this is the first ever contest of the group and we are all so excited to see what people come up with, and how creative you can be with it. After multiple polls the official Contest theme is going to be


So here are the rules:

1. No Pornography, or excessive Blood and Violence
2. It must be your work; you cannot steal it from someone else.
3. If you use images that don’t belong to you must cite your resources and give credit. (For example you draw an image based off someone else’s image you will put where you found the image, and give credit to that person)
4. You cannot leave unpleasant (which includes cursing) comments on other people’s artwork. If we find you are putting down other contestants, you will be disqualified immediately.

What you are able to do:

1. You are allowed to submit as many pieces as you want, in as many categories as you want.
2. You may submit work for the contest, and also contribute to the prizes. (If you are going to be a voter, a select few, you cannot vote for your own work. Equal opportunity)
3. You can submit almost any type of work. We accept Pixels, traditional, digital (painting/drawings) sequential art. We do not accept Photography, or photographic collage. Basically if you can make it by hand, through drawing (on a computer screen or paper) or sculpture, or anything else, it is perfectly acceptable. (Please contact me if you have any questions)

1. Primary color – Colors that cannot be made by being mixed (Red, Blue, Yellow) Secondary Color – Colors that are created when mixing primary colors (Green, Orange, Purple)
In this category, you can create work that uses only primary colors, or only secondary colors. You cannot mix the primary and secondary. You can change value and intensity.
2. Monochromatic – One color only (Just blue, or Just Red, any color but you can only use that one color with black white or grey.)
In this category you can pick a color, and use white, greys, or black to adjust the value, tone, and shade of the color.  But we will also accept Black and white work.
3. Complementary Colors OR Two Colors – Complementary Colors are Colors on opposite side of the color wheel (example: blue and orange, purple and yellow, red and green…) But we will also accept work that has two colors into this category, whether they are complementary or not!
4. Analogous Color Scheme: Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. (Example: red orange yellow, green blue purple, yellow green blue)
5. Just color – this will include Dark Colors/light colors, Warm colors/cool colors, and basically anything where you intellectually and creatively used colors to create the piece. This section has been created so everyone can enter. It has no real guidelines, it just has to show careful consideration of color. Winners will be choicen on creativity

How to submit work
- You can write a comment to this journal entry with a link to your artwork, or send me, Soccer20Star, a note with a link. If I receive the link, I will favorite it, and add it to one of my “Contest Submission” folder in favorites. Once you see that the artwork has successfully been placed in the folder, you are an official contestant.

How we will choose winners
- It does not matter how good you are. We will choose winner based on many factors
- We will judge
o Creativity
o Thoughtful use of Color
o If you followed the rules

Prizes to be announced

Deadline: December 21st at 11:59p.m. Eastern U.S. Time

This means that you can submit work up to the last minute of December 21st. You can upload your image onto Deviantart, and as long as you leave a comment on this journal before the deadline (even if it is 11:58 December 21st) You will qualify to participate.
If you have any questions, you can leave a comment on this journal entry, or you send me a note. My I.D. is Soccer20Star. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Good Luck Everyone!
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